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The Mode Tree : A Tool forVisualization of Nonparametric Density

  title={The Mode Tree : A Tool forVisualization of Nonparametric Density},
  author={FeaturesMichael C. Minnotte and D. W. Scott},
  • FeaturesMichael C. Minnotte, D. W. Scott
  • Published 1993
  • Recognition and extraction of features in a nonparametric density estimate is highly dependent on correct calibration. The data-driven choice of bandwidth h in kernel density estimation is a di cult one, compounded by the fact that the globally optimal h is not generally optimal for all values of x. In recognition of this fact, a new type of graphical tool, the mode tree, is proposed. The basic mode tree plot relates the locations of modes in density estimates with the bandwidths of those… CONTINUE READING
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