The Missing Dimension

  title={The Missing Dimension},
  author={Christopher M. Andrew and David Dilks},
Bringing the ‘social’ in from the cold: towards a social history of American intelligence
Abstract The subject of American intelligence has traditionally been studied by people who would identify themselves as diplomatic historians, International Relations scholars, or a combination of
Christopher Andrew and the myriad worlds of intelligence
  • R. Hughes
  • History
    Intelligence and National Security
  • 2022
ABSTRACT The four scholars whose pieces comprise this section on ‘Christopher Andrew and the myriad worlds of intelligence’ are R. Gerald Hughes, Loch K. Johnson, David Robarge and Peter Jackson. As
Ken Robertson 1947–2021: foundations, innovations and legacies
  • P. Davies
  • Education
    Intelligence and National Security
  • 2022
Many of the abuses which have occurred and the fears which they have generated have arisen as a result of a lack of clarity over: the nature of the threat which society faces, the purpose for which
Insights into the secret world
Do company-owned academic patents influence firm performance? Evidence from the Italian industry
We document that firms holding academic patents in their portfolios perform better in terms of market power since they benefit from academic knowledge spillovers generated by academic patents. On the
Cryptography and the Global South: secrecy, signals and information imperialism
Abstract For decades, espionage during the Cold War was often presented as a competition between East and West. The extent to which the Global South constituted the main battleground for this
Collective Discussion: Toward Critical Approaches to Intelligence as a Social Phenomenon
This collective discussion proposes a novel understanding of intelligence as a social phenomenon, taking place in a social space that increasingly involves actors and professional fields not
The limited influence of competitive intelligence over corporate strategy in Israel: historical, organizational, conceptual, and cultural explanations
ABSTRACT Strategic intelligence in national security enjoys an elevated status. Despite past failures and current challenges, its role in analysing the strategic environment is considered crucial for
Operation Rubicon: Germany as an intelligence ‘Great Power’?
ABSTRACT Operation Rubicon was probably one of the most successful intelligence operations of our time. Recent press revelations detail this secret partnership between the German