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The Misnomer of Transhumanism as Directed Evolution

  title={The Misnomer of Transhumanism as Directed Evolution},
  author={Nick Bostrom},
Transhumanism is sometimes described as directed evolution. The suggestion that the transhumanist project is evolutionary is problematic because the enhancements countenanced by transhumanism do not track the models and processes of evolution. A significant example of this disconnect is that evolution, on most theoretical accounts, is ateleological and transhumanism is wholly teleological. Transhumanist use of the metaphor of evolution suggests an inevitability to transhumanist changes that is… 
Some transhumanists argue that we must engage with theories and facts about our evolutionary past in order to promote future enhancements of the human body. At the same time, they call our attention
Why Should We Become Posthuman? The Beneficence Argument Questioned.
This article examines the Posthuman Beneficence Argument (PBA), the centerpiece of the liberal transhumanist defense of "directed evolution", and finds it deficient on a number of lethal counts.
The Human and Beyond: Transhumanism, Historicity, Humanness
ABSTRACT “Historicity” describes the human condition during one’s life course, marked by contingency and freedom, temporality and finitude. The concept also occurs in evolutionary biology, social
The story of humanity and the challenge of posthumanity
  • Z. Simon
  • Art
    History of the Human Sciences
  • 2018
Today’s technological-scientific prospect of posthumanity simultaneously evokes and defies historical understanding. On the one hand, it implies a historical claim of an epochal transformation
The Human Version 2.0
This article investigates new ethnography on AI development relating to imaginaries of technoscientific forms of immortality. As a Think Piece in Analytics, it engages in a somewhat experimental
La idea más peligrosa del mundo: hacia una crítica de la antropología transhumanista
En este trabajo examino aspectos filosoficos del transhumanismo, en particular en lo que se refiere a su antropologia filosofica y la filosofia de la tecnologia que se halla implicada en esta. Me
Dylematy transhumanizmu I: ewolucja biologiczno-technokulturowa a ulepszanie człowieka
W artykule przedstawia się ewolucję: biologiczną, społeczną i technologiczno-kulturową oraz biologiczno-technologiczną i czysto kulturową. Dwóm ostatnim towarzyszy ideologia transhumanizmu, a ich
How Can the Use of Human Enhancement (HE) Technologies in the Military Be Ethically Assessed
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The Non-Darwinian Revolution: Reinterpreting a Historical Myth
"Timely and cogent in its aims and arguments, it should prompt debate and discussion leading to fresh critical and historiographical insights concerning all those topics that historians of science,
The Genetical Theory of Natural Selection
Although it is true that most text-books of genetics open with a chapter on biometry, closer inspection will reveal that this has little connexion with the body of the work, and that more often than not it is merely belated homage to a once fashionable study.
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Defining and Revising the Structure of Evolutionary Theory and the Integration of Constraint and Adaptation in Ontogeny and Phylogeny: Historical Constraints and the Evolution of Development.
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Joel Garreau is a staff writer for the Washington Post, principal of the Garreau Group (a network of sources investigating global futures), and a member of the Global Business Network (a cutting-edge
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By demystifying aging and its postponement for the nonspecialist reader, de Grey and Rae systematically dismantle the fatalist presumption that aging will forever defeat the efforts of medical science.
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A history of transhumanist thought
This paper traces the cultural and philosophical roots of transhumanist thought and describes some of the influences and contributions that led to the development of contemporary transhumanism.
Transhumanist Values, retrieved from: http://nickbostrum.com/tra /values.html
  • 2001
Shattering the Sacred Myths: The Metaphysics of Evolution. The Academy of Scientific Metaphysics: www.evolutionary-metaphysics.net/ last viewed