The Minor Order of Homomorphisms via Natural Dualities

  title={The Minor Order of Homomorphisms via Natural Dualities},
  author={Wolfgang Poiger and Bruno Teheux},
We study the minor relation for algebra homomorphims in finitely generated quasivarieties that admit a logarithmic natural duality. We characterize the minor homomorphism posets of finite algebras in terms of disjoint unions of dual partition lattices and investigate reconstruction problems for homomorphisms. 



Minor Posets of Functions as Quotients of Partition Lattices

An abstract characterization of such “minor posets” in terms of colorings of partition lattices is given, and infinite families of examples as well as some constructions that can be used to build new minor posets are presented.

Natural Dualities for Varieties of MV-Algebras, I☆

Abstract MV-algebras are the Lindenbaum algebras for Łukasiewicz's infinite-valued logic, just as Boolean algebras correspond to the classical propositional calculus. The finitely generated

Conservative Median Algebras and Semilattices

Using a dual equivalence between median algebras and certain topological structures, the descriptions of the median-preserving mappings between products of finitely many chains are obtained.

Median algebras

Natural Dualities in Partnership

Topology swapping is validates as a uniform way to create new dual adjunctions and dual equivalences and it is proved that, for every finite algebra of finite type, each dualising alter ego gives rise to a partner duality.

On closed sets of relational constraints and classes of functions closed under variable substitutions

Abstract.Pippenger’s Galois theory of finite functions and relational constraints is extended to the infinite case. The functions involved are functions of several variables on a set A and taking

Join-Irreducible Boolean Functions

It is observed that among Steiner systems, those which yield join-irreducible members of $\tilde{\Omega}$ are the − 2-monomorphic SteinerSystems, the simple minor quasi-order.

On essential variables of dual operations and the consequences for operations

We investigate essential variables of dual operations (or co-operations) in a rather general category-theoretic setting. During this investigation, we collect some results about the essential arities

Representation of Distributive Lattices by means of ordered Stone Spaces

1. Introduction Stone, in [8], developed for distributive lattices a representation theory generalizing that for Boolean algebras. This he achieved by topologizing the set X of prime ideals of a

Galois theory for minors of finite functions