The MiniBooNE detector

  title={The MiniBooNE detector},
  author={A. A. Aguilar-Arevalo and Charles Edward Anderson and Larry M. Bartoszek and A. O. Bazarkom and Sylvie Brice and B. C. Brown and L. Bugel and Jianhua Cao and Louise Coney and Janet M. Conrad and David C. Cox and Alessandro Curioni and Z. Djurcic and David A. Finley and Bonnie T. Fleming and Ryan T Ford and Fernanda G. Garcia and Gerald T. Garvey and C. Green and James A. Green and Teresa L. Hart and Elizabeth J. Hawker and R. L. Imlay and Richard A. Johnson and Georgia S. Karagiorgi and Penelope Kasper and Teppei Katori and T. R. Kobilarcik and I. Kourbanis and S. Koutsoliotas and E. M. Lairdm and S. K. Lindenp and Julia M Link and Yi-Hsin Liu and William C. Louis and K. B. McConnel Mahn and Wallace Marsh and P. S{\'a}nchez Mart{\'i}n and Graham McGregor and William Metcalf and H Meyer and P. D. Meyersm and Franklin Mills and Geoffrey B. Mills and Jocelyn Monroe and Colm Moore and Rolf H. Nelson and Vo Trong Nguyen and Prof. Dr. C.A. Nienaber and Jaroslaw A. Nowak and Serge Ouedraogo and R. B. Pattersonm and Denis Perevalov and C. Polly and Eric Krevice Prebys and J. L. Raaf and Hasi Ray and Byron P. Roe and Ann D. Russell and V. D. Sandberg and W. Sandsm and Richard C. Schirato and Guy Schofield and Detlef Schmitz and Michael H. Shaevitz and F. C. Shoemakerm and Dean Smith and M D Soderberg and Michel Sorel and Panagiotis G. Spentzouris and Ion Stancu and Robert Stefański and Minhee Sung and H. A. Tanakam and Rex Tayloe and Martin Mihaylov Tzanov and R. G. Van de Water and M. O. Wascko and David H. White and M. J. Wilking and Heui Jean Yang and Gloria Zeller and Eckart Zimmerman},
The MiniBooNE neutrino detector was designed and built to look for nm ! ne oscillations in the ðsin 2y;Dm2Þ parameter space region where the LSND experiment reported a signal. The MiniBooNE experiment used a beam energy and baseline that were an order of magnitude larger than those of LSND so that the backgrounds and systematic errors would be completely different. This paper provides a detailed description of the design, function, and performance of the MiniBooNE detector. & 2008 Published by… CONTINUE READING


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