The Miller's Tomb: Facts, Gossip, and Legend [1]

  title={The Miller's Tomb: Facts, Gossip, and Legend [1]},
  author={Jacqueline C. Simpson},
  pages={189 - 200}
The isolated tomb of John Oliver on Highdown Hill (Sussex) has been a focal point for gossip, jokes and rumour for over two hundred years. Using local documentation and personal fieldwork, this paper traces the development of various strands in this tradition. One of the best starting-points for gossip and legend-building is a grave, especially if there is something odd about it, or about its occupant. One fine example is the Miller's Tomb, which stands all alone on the crest of Highdown Hill… 
Eccentric or enlightened? Unusual burial and commemoration in England, 1689 – 1823
Abstract This article shows how personalized funerals, pre-planned by the deceased, did not first occur in the later twentieth century, but had already appeared in England between 1689 and 1823.
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As has been pointed out in recent studies, collections of pre-industrial folklore found in folklore archives were made under the influence of certain presuppositions, which gave rise to important


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