The Milky Way's satellite population in a lambdaCDM universe

  title={The Milky Way's satellite population in a lambdaCDM universe},
  author={Felix Stoehr and Simon D. M. White and Giuseppe Tormen and Volker Springel},
  journal={Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society},
We compare the structure and kinematics of the 11 known satellites of the Milky Way with high resolution simulations of the formation of its dark halo in a LambdaCDM universe. In contrast to earlier work, we find excellent agreement. The observed kinematics are exactly those predicted for stellar populations with the observed spatial structure orbiting within the most massive ``satellite'' substructures in our simulations. Less massive substructures have weaker potential wells than those… 

UvA-DARE (Digital Academic Halo Substructure Boosts to the Signatures of Dark Matter Annihilation

: The presence of dark matter substructure will boost the signatures of dark matter annihilation. We review recent progress on estimates of this subhalo boost factor—a ratio of the luminosity from

Galactic Searches for Dark Matter