The Milky Way's Circular-velocity Curve between 4 and 14 kpc from APOGEE data

  title={The Milky Way's Circular-velocity Curve between 4 and 14 kpc from APOGEE data},
  author={Jo Bovy and C. Allende Prieto and Timothy C. Beers and Dmitry Bizyaev and Luiz Nicolaci da Costa and K{\'a}tia Cunha and Garrett L. Ebelke and Daniel J. Eisenstein and Peter M. Frinchaboy and Ana Elia Garc'ia P'erez and L'eo Girardi and Fred R. Hearty and David W. Hogg and Jon A. Holtzman and Marcio Antonio Geimba Maia and Steven R. Majewski and Elena Malanushenko and Viktor Malanushenko and Szabolcs M{\'e}sz{\'a}ros and David L. Nidever and Robert O'Connell and Christine O'donnell and Audrey E. Oravetz and Kaike Pan and Helio J. Rocha-Pinto and Ricardo P. Schiavon and Donald P. Schneider and Mathias Schultheis and Michael F. Skrutskie and V. V. Jr. Smith and David H. Weinberg and John Christian Wilson and Gail Zasowski},
  • Jo Bovy, C. Allende Prieto, +30 authors Gail Zasowski
  • Published 2012
  • Physics
  • We measure the Milky Way's rotation curve over the Galactocentric range 4 kpc R 14 kpc from the first year of data from the Apache Point Observatory Galactic Evolution Experiment. We model the line-of-sight velocities of 3365 stars in 14 fields with b = 0? between 30? ? l ? 210? out to distances of 10 kpc using an axisymmetric kinematical model that includes a correction for the asymmetric drift of the warm tracer population (? R 35 km s?1). We determine the local value of the circular velocity… CONTINUE READING

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