The Militant Black Writer in Africa and the United States

  title={The Militant Black Writer in Africa and the United States},
  author={Mercer Cook and Stephen Evangelist Henderson},

Intertexual [sic] Cadences, "When Wants and Woes Might Be Our Righteous Lot": Excavating Phillis Wheatley's Transcending Voice of Accent

This thesis compares the writings . of Phillis Wheatley, eighteenth-century slave-poet laureate to the nineteenth-century slave spirituals. Drawing on my theory of accentuated signification, this

Translation and the professional selves of Mercer Cook

Abstract This article explores the ways in which African American Mercer Cook's translation practice reflects complex overlaps between his professional/personal selves and an ideological backdrop

An African Condition in a European Tradition: Chinua Achebe and the English Language of Native Narratives

This paper intends to investigate the passage from orature to literature in Africa, and the problem of the language used, in the context of the work of the Nigerian novelist and critic Chinua Achebe,

I am a Revolutionary Black Female Nationalist: A Womanist Analysis of Fulani Sunni Ali's Role as a New African Citizen and Minister of In-formation in the Provisional Government of the Republic of New Africa

Historically, black women have always played key roles in the struggle for liberation. A critical determinant of black women’s activism was the influence of both race and gender, as these factors

In the Circle: Jazz Griots and the Mapping of African American Cultural Memory in Poetry

[A l'origine dans / Was originally part of : Theses et memoires - FAS - Departement d'etudes anglaises]

“What is Africa to Me?”: Africa in the Black Diaspora Imagination

Paysan, frappe le sol de ta daba Dans le sol il y a une hâte que la syllabe de l'événement ne dénoue pas —Aimé Césaire, “A l'Afrique.” 1 [peasant, strike the earth with your daba in the earth, there

A Bibliography of Jazz Poetry Criticism

We have assembled this bibliography to address a gap in the recent publication of materials relating to jazz music and jazz literature. Although there are recent bibliographic tools on the subject of