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The Migration to Meta Cloud from Vendor Lock-In

  title={The Migration to Meta Cloud from Vendor Lock-In},
  author={N. Parashuram and Dr. S. Prem Kumar},
Cloud computing has proved efficient in recent years because of the customer’s ability to use services on demand with a pay-as-you go pricing model which has proved convenient in each and every aspect. Low costs and high flexibility make migrating to cloud compelling. Despite its obvious advantages, however, many companies hesitate to “move to the cloud,” mainly because of concerns related to service availability, data lock-in, and legal uncertainties.1 Lock in is particularly problematic, even… 


Cloud computing: state-of-the-art and research challenges
A survey of cloud computing is presented, highlighting its key concepts, architectural principles, state-of-the-art implementation as well as research challenges to provide a better understanding of the design challenges of cloud Computing and identify important research directions in this increasingly important area.
A Taxonomy and Survey of Cloud Computing Systems
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Minersoft: Software retrieval in grid and cloud computing infrastructures
This article investigates the problem of supporting keyword-based searching for the discovery of software files that are installed on the nodes of large-scale, federated Grid and Cloud computing infrastructures, and presents Minersoft, a harvester that visits Grid/Cloud infrastructure, crawls their file systems, identifies and classifies software files, and discovers implicit associations between them.
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