The Microchannel X-ray Telescope on Board the SVOM Satellite

  title={The Microchannel X-ray Telescope on Board the SVOM Satellite},
  author={Diego Gotz and Christophe Adami and S. Basa and Volker Beckmann and Vadim Burwitz and Rémi Chipaux and Bertrand Cordier and Phil A. Evans and Olivier Godet and Ren{\'e} W. Goosmann and Norbert Meidinger and Aline Meuris and Christian Motch and K. Nandra and P. T. O’Brien and Julian P. Osborne and Emanuele Perinati and Arne Rau and Richard Willingale and Karine Mercier and François Gonzalez},
  journal={arXiv: Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics},
We present the Micro-channel X-ray Telescope (MXT), a new narrow-field (about 1°) telescope that will be flying on the Sino-French SVOM mission dedicated to Gamma-Ray Burst science, scheduled for launch in 2021. MXT is based on square micro pore optics (MPOs), coupled with a low noise CCD. The optics are based on a "Lobster Eye" design, while the CCD is a focal plane detector similar to the type developed for the seven eROSITA telescopes. MXT is a compact and light (<35 kg) telescope with a 1 m… 

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