The Mexican Americans

  title={The Mexican Americans},
  author={Alma M. Garc{\'i}a},
Series Foreword Background Geography Early Civilizations Spanish Conquest Spanish Culture in the New World Mexican Independence The U.S.-Mexico War of 1845 Mexico under Benito Juarez The Mexican Revolution and Immigration Mexico under Diaz (1876-1911) The Mexican Revolution of 1910 Immigration to the United States Immigrant Culture Continued Immigration, World Wars, and Aftermath Continued Immigration and Labor Unrest (1920-1940) World War II and the Bracero Program The Impact of Mexican… 

Generations of Exclusion: Mexican Americans, Assimilation, and Race (review)

Since the second world war and especially in the 1950s, Indian migrants consisted mainly of young single men, who aimed to sojourn in Britain, sending remittances back to India. When immigration

Mexican Immigrant Challenges in the United States Public School System: A Case Study of Two Schools

Latino students are one of the largest minority populations in American schools today. This research focused specifically on Mexican immigrant students, as they constitute the majority of this group.

Social Work Practice with Mexican Clients

SUMMARY This article surveys the history of Mexican-United States relations and discusses implications for social work practice engaging the undocumented Mexican population in treatment. Methods of

The George Lopez Show: The Same Old Hispano?

ABSTRACT The George Lopez Show is the first successful television show with a Latino in a leading role that features Hispanic material since Freddie Prinze's thirty-year-old sitcom, Chico and the

Chica Dificil”: Music, Identity, and Agency in Real Women Have Curves (Patricia Cardoso, 2002)

Youth films made in the United States typically focus on a white, middle-class, suburban coming-of-age experience. Any nod toward diversity tends to be a token gesture, and rebellious girls often

Migrants in transit: the importance of monitoring HIV risk among migrant flows at the Mexico-US border.

The results suggest that the influence of migration is not uniform across genders or risk factors, and by considering the predeparture, transit, and interception phases of the migration process, these findings complement previous studies on HIV among Mexican migrants conducted at the destination and return phases.

Latino politics: a growing and evolving political community (a reference guide)

This book discusses Latino identity, history, Demographics and Mass Media, and public policy issues in the context of a growing and Evolving political community.

Mexican Stories: “I can talk to her and she listens”

Regardless of whether they were legal or “illegal” or whether they were newcomers or have been in the U.S. for generations, our Mexican interviewees were part of a population that faces the highest

Kolkman 1 Early Signs of “Third Spaces:” Creative Deconstructive Processes and Hybridization in Chicano Literature

This dissertation examines the extent to which selected Chicano authors have emphasized the crucial need for cultural hybridity. Although the current positive notion of hybridity was not yet

Instructor's Resource Manual on Social Problems

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