The Method of Multiple Working Hypotheses: With this method the dangers of parental affection for a favorite theory can be circumvented.

  title={The Method of Multiple Working Hypotheses: With this method the dangers of parental affection for a favorite theory can be circumvented.},
  author={Thomas Chrowder Chamberlin},
  volume={148 3671},
Asking the Oracle: Introducing Forecasting Principles into Agent-Based Modelling
A set of guidelines, imported from the field of forecasting, that can help social simulation and agent-based modelling practitioners to improve the predictive performance and the robustness of their models are presented.
Open Commentaries to "Ten Steps Toward a Better Personality Science: How Quality may be Rewarded More in Research Evaluation" (Leising
The current collection comprises several comments to "Leising, D., Thielmann, I. Glöckner, A., Gärtner, A., & Schönbrodt, F. (2022). Ten steps toward a better personality science: How quality may be
Kernel Analyses of Volcanic Vent Distribution: How Accurate and Complete are the Objective Bandwidth Selectors?
It is shown here that a more informative approach is to focus on the questions of “what are the special values of different methods, and what are their several advantageous applicabilities?”.
Malice at the Gates of Eden: current and future distribution of Agrilus mali threatening wild and domestic apples.
The apple buprestid, Agrilus mali Matsumura, that was widespread in north-eastern China, was accidently introduced to the wild apple forest ecosystem in mountainous areas of Xinjiang, China. This
Failures to disagree are essential for environmental science to effectively influence policy development.
While environmental science, and ecology in particular, is working to provide better understanding to base sustainable decisions on, the way scientific understanding is developed can at times be
Challenging the “Science from nowhere” perspective in the classroom
Studies in the field of science education have discussed using historical approaches. Although previous studies have shown the potential advantages to addressing national sciences in the classroom in
The polysemous concepts of psychomotricity and catatonia: A European multi-consensus perspective
Climatic and anthropogenic drivers of a drying Himalayan river
Abstract. Streamflow regimes are rapidly changing in many regions of the world. Attribution of these changes to specific hydrological processes and their underlying climatic and anthropogenic drivers