The Mesozoic marginal basin of central Peru

  title={The Mesozoic marginal basin of central Peru},
  author={M. P. Atherton and W. S. Pitcher and V. Warden},
The west Peruvian Trough1,2 extends some 1,300 km from north of Trujillo to about 150 km short of Arequipa (Fig. 1). It received upwards of 9,000 m of material during the Mesozoic and within the Cretaceous rocks there is a well defined west-to-east facies change whereby thick, volcaniclastic turbidites and pillow lavas (the ‘eugeosyncline’ of Cobbing3) thin eastward to be replaced by a mixed clastic shelf sequence (the ‘miogeosyncline’). We report here chemical analyses of the volcanic rocks… CONTINUE READING