The Merosporangiferous Fungi from Taiwan (V): Two New Records of Coemansia (Kickxellaceae, Kickxellales, Zygomycetes)

  title={The Merosporangiferous Fungi from Taiwan (V): Two New Records of Coemansia (Kickxellaceae, Kickxellales, Zygomycetes)},
  author={H. Ho and Chao-Hung Hsu},
Two species of Coemansia (Kickxellaceae, Kickxellales) are reported as new records from Taiwan. They are C. acicurifera Lindner and C. interrupta Lindner. In this report, descriptions, distribution and photographs of both fungi are given. 
Indonesian Kickxellales: two species of Coemansia and Linderina
Four species belonging to Kickxellales (Kickxellomycotina) isolated from soil of Indonesia are described and illustrated and a technique for inducing sporulation of C. javaensis and L. macrospora by adding substances derived from invertebrates such as aphids, nereids, or cladocerans to culture media is described. Expand
Two new Ramicandelaber species from Taiwan
Morphological characters and molecular phylogenetic analysis (D1/D2 domains of the LSU rRNA genes and ITS region) justify these new species of Ramicandelaber. Expand


Notes on zygomycetes of Taiwan (III): two Blakeslea species (Choanephoraceae) new to Taiwan.
Two species of Blakeslea (Choanephoraceae, Mucorales) are reported as new records for Taiwan and the morphological characters of both fungi are described. Expand
Coemansia furcata sp. nov. and its distribution in Japan and Taiwan
Coemansia furcata, isolated from forest soils of Japan and Taiwan, is characterised by its sporangiophore branching and relatively large sporocladia. Expand
Coemansia species from the rhizospheres of wheat and barley in the United Kingdom
Fungus resembling C. scorpioidea, C. thaxteri and C. spiralis was found in the rhizosphere of barley from two fields in eastern England when serially washed root pieces were incubated on low nutrient agar (SNA). Expand
The Soil-Plate Method for Isolation of Fungi from Soil
Yeast extract agar, acidified with phosphoric acid to pH 4.0, has been found a satisfactory medium for the growth and sporulation of many soil fungi and has been extensively used as an isolation medium. Expand
The merosporangiferous fungi from Taiwan (I): Two new records of Syncephalis
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An observation of Basidiobolus and its mycoflora found in Taiwan
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