The Mentality of Apes.

  title={The Mentality of Apes.},
  author={Wolfgang K{\"o}hler},
PROF. KÖHLER'S book marks a distinct advance in comparative psychology, for he was able to study his chimpanzees in very favourable conditions of health and housing in Teneriffe. He also realised that these apes are characteristically social creatures and must be studied in companionship with their fellows. A chimpanzee is intellectually and emotionally bewildered if it is kept in solitary confinement. “It is hardly an exaggeration to say that a chimpanzee kept in solitude is not a real… 
Wolfgang Köhler’s the Mentality of Apes and the Animal Psychology of his Time
The historical significance of Köhler’s book Intelligenzprüfungen an Menschenaffen (The Mentality of Apes), published in 1921, is assessed within the context of the animal psychology of his time.
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  • W. Etkin
  • Biology
    The American Naturalist
  • 1954
The following theory, based upon recent advances in knowledge of the paleontology of man, of anthropoid psychology, and of the social behavior of vertebrates is offered, suggests the protohominid lived in integrated family units essentially monogamous with a stable domicile.