The Meglen Vlachs (Megleno-Romanians) of Serbia: a Community on the Verge of Extinction

  title={The Meglen Vlachs (Megleno-Romanians) of Serbia: a Community on the Verge of Extinction},
  author={Annemarie Sorescu-Marinkovic and Mircea Măran},
The paper aims at presenting the Meglen Vlach community of Serbia, situated in a few villages near the border with Romania. Because of the very small number of members, this community has so far not been known to the scientific community or to the majority population of Serbia. The Meglen Vlachs arrived there in the 1950s from Huma (today in the FY Republic of Macedonia) and were “invisible” in official statistics as they were “concealed” among the Macedonian colonists, intended to repopulate… 
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