The Mediterranean diet: A historical perspective on food for health.

  title={The Mediterranean diet: A historical perspective on food for health.},
  author={Juan J. Hidalgo-Mora and Alicia Garc{\'i}a-Vigara and Mar{\'i}a Luz S{\'a}nchez-S{\'a}nchez and Miguel Angel Garc{\'i}a-P{\'e}rez and Juan J. Tar{\'i}n and Antonio Cano},

The Beneficial Health Effects of Vegetables and Wild Edible Greens: The Case of the Mediterranean Diet and Its Sustainability

Considering the increasing evidence of the beneficial health effects of adherence to the MD and the ongoing transitions in consumers’ behavior, the present review focuses on updating the scientific knowledge regarding this diet and its relevance to agrobiodiversity.

Mediterranean Diet as a Tool to Combat Inflammation and Chronic Diseases. An Overview

This review focuses on the impact of MD on inflammation and highlights positive results regarding NCD and indicates the need for more high-quality experiments and trials in order to overcome any discrepancies.

Mediterranean diet – promotion and dissemination of healthy eating: proceedings of an exploratory seminar at the Radcliffe institute for advanced study

A group of thought leaders were convened at an exploratory seminar entitled: “Mediterranean Diet: Promotion and Dissemination of Healthy Eating”, hosted by the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studies at Harvard University and discussed best practices for translating traditional Mediterranean lifestyle principles to modern society.

Association between the Mediterranean lifestyle, metabolic syndrome and mortality: a whole-country cohort in Spain

The Mediterranean lifestyle was associated with lower frequency of MS and reduced all-cause mortality in Spain, and future studies should determine if this also applies to other Mediterranean countries, and also improve cardiovascular health outside the Mediterranean basin.

Mediterranean-Type Diets as a Protective Factor for Asthma and Atopy

MedDi, as a dietary pattern, rather than short-term supplementation or excessive focus on single nutrient effects, may be a rational option for preventive intervention against atopy and asthma.

Association between the Mediterranean Diet Score and Healthy Life Expectancy: A Global Comparative Study

It was shown that countries with a higher MDS showed a positive association with HALE, and this study aims to clarify the relationships between the Mediterranean diet score (MDS) and life expectancy (LE) and HALE globally using publicly available international data.

A Narrative Review of the Role of Diet and Lifestyle Factors in the Development and Prevention of Endometrial Cancer

This narrative review summarises the dietary and lifestyle factors that promote and prevent the incidence of endometrial cancer and examines the evidence that everyday factors and clinical interventions have on reducing that risk, such that informed healthy choices can be made.

Sustainable food systems and healthy diets: the case of mediterranean diet

Abstract Sustainability should be an imperative in everyone’s lifestyle in order to achieve an equilibrium between humans and ecosystem for the wellbeing of current and future generations.



The Mediterranean Diet And Cardioprotection: Historical Overview And Current Research

This review will focus on the origins of the Mediterranean diet from its roots and its relationship to cardiovascular disease, with a brief overview of the nutritional mechanisms that influence atherosclerosis.

Implementing a Mediterranean-Style Diet Outside the Mediterranean Region

Evidence is presented from randomized controlled trials that achieved high dietary compliance rates with subsequent physical and mental health benefits of the MedDiet outside the Mediterranean, which may benefit Westernized countries plagued by chronic disease.

Mediterranean diet and public health: personal reflections.

  • A. Keys
  • Medicine
    The American journal of clinical nutrition
  • 1995
Today, the healthy Mediterranean diet is changing and coronary heart disease is no longer confined to medical textbooks, and the challenge is to persuade children to tell their parents to eat as Mediterraneans do.

Evolution of Mediterranean diets and cuisine: concepts and definitions.

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES The Mediterranean diet has been demonstrated to provide a range of health benefits in observational and clinical trials and adopted by various dietary guidelines. However, a

Definition of the Mediterranean Diet: A Literature Review

The results provide a defined nutrient content and range of servings for the MedDiet based on past and current literature and could refine the definition further.

The Mediterranean diet: science and practice

Both epidemiologic and metabolic studies suggest that individuals can benefit greatly by adopting elements of Mediterranean diets, and suggest that over 80% of coronary heart disease, 70% of stroke, and 90% of type 2 diabetes can be avoided by healthy food choices that are consistent with the traditional Mediterranean diet.

Mediterranean diet pyramid today. Science and cultural updates

This review gathers updated recommendations considering the lifestyle, dietary, sociocultural, environmental and health challenges that the current Mediterranean populations are facing and contributes to a much better adherence to this healthy dietary pattern and its way of life with this new graphic representation.

Mediterranean Diet and Cardiodiabesity: A Systematic Review through Evidence-Based Answers to Key Clinical Questions

There is high level of evidence showing that MedDiet adherence plays a role in the primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and improves health in overweight and obese patients, and moderate-to-high evidence that the MedD diet prevents increases in weight and waist circumference in non-obese individuals, and improves metabolic syndrome (MetS) and reduces its incidence.

A Mediterranean Diet Model in Australia: Strategies for Translating the Traditional Mediterranean Diet into a Multicultural Setting

The development of a MD model that complies with principles of the traditional MD applied in a multiethnic context is described, and a two-week menu was devised incorporating traditional ingredients with evidence based on improvements in chronic disease management.

Effects on Health Outcomes of a Mediterranean Diet With No Restriction on Fat Intake

Whether the Mediterranean diet is more effective than any other diet in preventing mortality and new onset of disease in healthy persons or mortality and disease progression in those who have diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, hypertension, cognitive impairment, rheumatoid arthritis, or kidney disease is determined.