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The Medinilla myrtiformis alliance. II: (Melastomataceae)

  title={The Medinilla myrtiformis alliance. II: (Melastomataceae)},
  author={Jan Frederik Veldkamp},
The species related to Medinilla myrtiformis (Naud.) Triana are described and a key is given. A variety of M. monantha Merr. is recognized as a distinct species, while the typical form is considered a synonym of M. myrtiformis. M. neglecta Nayar is reduced to M. rubrifructus Ohwi. 
Notes on the Medinilla (Melastomataceae) of Palawan, Philippines, Including Two New Species: M. simplicymosa and M. ultramaficola
Ten species of Medinilla (Melastomataceae) are recorded with the Philippines as one of its greatest centers of diversity, however, exceptionally few species are recorded from Palawan.
Revision of Pachycentria (Melastomataceae)
The genus Pachycentria is distributed in Burma, Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Philippines, Sulawesi, and New Guinea and is distinguished from other genera in the Medinillinae by a small ovary in an urceolate hypanthium.