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The Mechanism of State-Public Management of Vocational Education in the Region

  title={The Mechanism of State-Public Management of Vocational Education in the Region},
  author={Natalya Pugacheva and Tatiana V. Kirillova and Iraida G. Ovchinnikova and Nail K. Kudyashev and Alexander N. Lunev and Oksana A. Pavlova and Svetlana G. Kashina and Azat S. Valeyev},
  journal={International Review of Management and Marketing},
The relevance of the article is reasoned by the development of civil society and the positioning of vocational education as an open, state-public system. The purpose of the article is to develop a mechanism of state-public management of vocational education in the region. The leading method is the method of action research (AR), allowing obtain new knowledge about state-public management of vocational education in the region and to organize the systematic monitoring of the changes in state… 

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