The Mechanics of the Industrial Revolution

  title={The Mechanics of the Industrial Revolution},
  author={Morgan Kelly and Joel Mokyr and Cormac {\'O}. Gr{\'a}da},
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The industrial revolution, an unintended consequence of self-defence?

Patrick O’Brien’s take on the industrial revolution In his new and ambitious essay, ‘Was the British Industrial Revolution a Conjuncture in Global Economic History?’, Patrick O’Brien proposes a



Industrial Revolution in England and France: Some Thoughts on the Question “Why Was England First? ”

  • History
    The Economics of the Industrial Revolution (Routledge Revivals)
  • 2018

'The Holy Land of Industrialism': rethinking the Industrial Revolution

  • Joel Moykr
  • Economics, History
    Journal of the British Academy
  • 2021
Various explanations of Britain�s economic technological leadership between 1760 and 1850 have been proposed for many decades and have dealt with many aspects of British society: politics, natural

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1rickman Revisited: The Population Growth Rates of English Counties in the Early Modern Period

In the 1830s, Rickman, who had supervised the taking of the first four censuses, secured additional returns of baptisms, burials, and marriages from all Anglican incumbents whose registers began

The British iron industry, 1700-1850

Historical debate on the charcoal iron era the British technological revolution the rise of steel production iron production and markets before 1800 location changes and war the early 19th century

The English coastal coal trade, 1691-1910: how rapid was productivity growth?

As to coal, the normal price of its shipment is unfortunately lost among the general expenses of coal trading …2

Output growth and the British industrial revolution: a restatement of the Crafts‐Harley view

n the early i98os we published revised estimates of aggregate economic performance during the British industrial revolution which have stimulated reappraisal of the beginnings of modern economic