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The Measurement of Counselors' Emotional Intelligence and Client Treatment Outcomes in Addiction Treatment Settings

  title={The Measurement of Counselors' Emotional Intelligence and Client Treatment Outcomes in Addiction Treatment Settings},
  author={v. Wade},

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Assessment of emotional intelligence
Predictors of discharges against medical advice from a short-term hospital detoxification unit.
It is found that being younger, having a shorter history of cocaine abuse, being admitted on a Friday and being an opiate dependent patient treated with clonidine only during the detoxification, were significantly associated with leaving AMA.
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The impact of women's family status on completion of substance abuse treatment
Multivariate logistic regression models found that the likelihood of not completing treatment was greatest for women who were African American, pregnant, had custody of minor children, or were younger than age 21, however, African American women who had children in foster care were more likely to complete treatment.
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Comparison of Background Characteristics and Behaviors of African-American, Hispanic, and White Substance Abusers Treated in Federal Prison: Results from the TRIAD Study
There were numerous significant differences in demographic and background, family background and criminal history characteristics, but there were only a few differences in preincarceration behaviors and social environment among participants.
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Nearly a quarter of a century has passed since Salovey and Mayer (1990) introduced the first formal model of emotional intelligence into the scientific literature and demonstrated how aspects of it
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