The Measure of all Things.

  title={The Measure of all Things.},
  author={Lee G. Cooper},
Het lijkt tegenwoordig bijna vanzelfsprekend dat zo goed als iedereen op de wereld hetzelfde meetsysteem gebruikt. Toch is er een lange weg afgelegd voordat het zover was. De meter is oorspronkelijk gedefinieerd aan de hand van de omtrek van de aarde. Het opmeten van die omtrek door Franse wetenschappers aan het eind van de 18 eeuw was geen gemakkelijke opgave. Ken Alder heeft een boek geschreven waarin deze expeditie wordt beschreven. Hij schetst een beeld van twee moedige astronomen die de… 
Irrenärzte aller Länder! Tabular Unity and the Nineteenth-Century Struggle to Comprehend Insanity
Zusammenfassung Die Anstaltsmedizin, das erste medizinische Fachgebiet, war wahrscheinlich auch der Bereich der Medizin, der als erster statistisch erfasst wurde. Bereits im frühen 19. Jahrhundert
De-coding Mammon : money in need of redemption
This thesis is an attempt to understand the suspicion of money implied in Jesus' statement that it is impossible to serve both God and Mammon. I argue on the basis of Scripture, reason and tradition
Umwelt-measures. On extensive and intensive measures: Introduction to the special issue ‘Theorising measures, rankings and metrics’
The tensions and the connections between the extensive side of measures (molis, magnitude) and their intensive side (virtus, worth) are discussed to provide a preliminary map for plotting the relations between measures and the social–moral–technical environments where they are performed.
La estadística y el curso de la razón pública : compromiso e imparcialidad en un mundo cuantificado
Statistics in its mathematical form played a key role in making the social sciences into technical fields, whose claim to objectivity presumed that social science should stand apart from common
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Abstract Within the half-century after Guettard's epoch-making journey of 1751, geologists came to see the Auvergne region of France as a place of unusual interest for field investigation. This paper
Terrorism, Religion and Community
Nairn observes how most of the major European ethnic conflicts of recent times have been in rural, specifically peasant, societies. He lists Northern Ireland, the Basque Country, Corsica,
Speaking Precision to Power: The Modern Political Role of Social Science
the flow of public money to research and an expectation that politicians will generally not meddle with the scientific work on condition that the science, reciprocally, should stay clear of politics.
The nearly forgotten scientist
J. Br. Astron. Assoc. 115, 4, 2005 In 1901 Ivan Osipovich Yarkovsky, a Polish engineer in Russia, described a subtle thermal effect that should act on planets and smaller objects orbiting the Sun.
Wilhelm Foerster's Role in the Metre Convention of 1875 and in the Early Years of the International Committee for Weights and Measures
The Metre Convention was signed on May 20, 1875 with the mission “to assure the international unification and perfection of the metric system” (today the International System of Units SI). The
Fixing value: history, ethnography, and material ontologies of deservingness in a Philadelphia repair shop
ABSTRACT This article draws on labor history and science and technology studies to propose a method, and to provide an example, of historical analysis that is responsive to the conceptual categories