The Meaning of Intonational Contours in the Interpretation of Discourse

  title={The Meaning of Intonational Contours in the Interpretation of Discourse},
  author={Janet B. Pierrehumbert and Julia Hirschberg},
Recent investigations of the contribution that intonation makes to overall utterance and discourse interpretation promise new sources of information for the investigation of long-time concerns in natural-language processing. In Hirschberg and Pierrehumbert 1986 we proposed that intonational features such as phrasing, accmt pUuttTWIt, pilch rangt, and huIe represent important sources of information about the attmh0ru3l and the rntmt10rIJAl structures of discourse. I In this paper we examine the… 

How to obtain and process perceptual judgements of intonational meaning

This chapter focuses on research into intonational meaning in Germanic languages. An overview of the current understanding of intonational meaning in these languages is thus in order (see Chen, 2005

A semantics of contrast and information structure for specifying intonation in spoken language generation

In this dissertation I present a model for the determination of intonation contours from context and provide two implemented systems which apply this theory to the problem of generating spoken


This paper addresses the issue of the contribution of intonation to the meaning of an utterance, and more precisely of the conditions that should be met to propose a compositional approach to the

Meaning and Intonation: the Cases of Contrastive Accent and Meta-linguistic Negation

In this article we outline a methodological approach to the study of meaning and intonation. This approach focusses both on what speakers can produce (using production experiments) and on what

The production of prosodic focus and contour in dialogue

This thesis seeks to flesh out, in terms of a computer model, two basic assumptions concerning prosody- that speakers use intonation to convey intention, or attitude, and that prosodic prominence serves to convey conceptual prommence.

The computational processing of intonational prominence: a functional prosody perspective

A computational theory of prominence interpretation is developed by explaining how prominence serves as an inference cue in discourse processing, and how the principles of the theory may be applied in scSPEECH UNDERSTANDING systems.

Hat patterns and double peaks : the phonetics and psycholinguistics of broad versus late narrow versus double focus intonations

This dissertation explores some of the less well—studied aspects of prosodic focus in English. Prosodic focus refers to the ways in which speakers use acoustic means such as fundamental frequency

Clausal parentheticals, intonational phrasing, and prosodic theory1

The intonational phrasing of parentheticals supports the assumption of a post-syntactic, phonological component of the grammar at which restructuring applies, and cannot be explained in syntactic accounts which do not allow for a syntactic relation between parenthetical and host.



Now Let’s Talk About Now; Identifying Cue Phrases Intonationally

It is proposed that cue and non-cue usage can be distinguished intonationally, on the basis of phrasing and accent.

Japanese prosodic phrasing and intonation Synthesis

This theory provides a complete qualitative description of the known characteristics of Japanese intonation, as well as a quantitative model of tone-scaling and timing precise enough to translate straightforwardly into a computational algorithm.

Synthesis by rule of english intonation patterns

The main goal is to develop a theory of the dimensions of variation controlling intonation, and of their interaction, that will help improve the naturalness and liveliness of the prosody in speech synthesis systems.

The phonology and phonetics of English intonation

Thesis (Ph.D.)--Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Linguistics and Philosophy, 1980.

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