The Meaning and Function of the Leontocephaline in Roman Mithraism

  title={The Meaning and Function of the Leontocephaline in Roman Mithraism},
  author={Howard M. Jackson},

The Leontocephaline from the Villa Albani: Material Documentation for Religious Entanglement

In this article, I place the Leontocephaline from the Villa Albani on the axis of time of the Mithraic Saturn/Kronos prototype. Entangled in that prototype are astrology, concepts of death, and time

The ‘City of Darkness’ and ‘The Twin Riders’ in the Mithraeum of Hawarte (Syria)

  • T. Gnoli
  • History
    Acta Antiqua Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae
  • 2018
Three pictorial scenes represented on the walls of the newly discovered Mithraeum in Hawarte (Syria) are deeply rooted in the Middle-Iranian religious world. The pictures of the ‘City of Darkness’,

Iconografía mitraica en Hispania

El presente trabajo tiene como objetivo realizar una puesta al dia de los catalogos del material relativo a los Misterios de Mitra en Hispania elaborados por Garcia y Bellido (1967) y Alvar Ezquerra

The Mithraic Leontocephaline: A Conjecture Using Beck’s Approach

In 1998 Roger Beck published a paper entitled “The Mysteries of Mithras: a New Account of Their Genesis”.[1] In it he reasoned that some Commagenian military units at the siege of Jerusalem in 70 AD

Cristianismo e mitraísmo na Roma antiga: aspectos comparativos, sécs I-IV

Tese de mestrado, Historia e Cultura das Religioes, Universidade de Lisboa, Faculdade de Letras, 2013

The mithraeum at Hawarte and its paintings