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The Mean-Field limit for hybrid models of collective motions with chemotaxis

  title={The Mean-Field limit for hybrid models of collective motions with chemotaxis},
  author={Roberto Natalini and Thierry Paul},
In this paper we study a general class of hybrid mathematical models of collective motions of cells under the influence of chemical stimuli. The models are hybrid in the sense that cells are discrete entities given by ODE, while the chemoattractant is considered as a continuous signal which solves a diffusive equation. For this model we prove the meanfield limit in the Wasserstein distance to a system given by the coupling of a Vlasov-type equation with the chemoattractant equation. Our… 
Propagation of Chaos for the Cucker-Smale Systems under heavy tail communication
In this work we study propagation of chaos for solutions of the Liouville equation for the classical discrete Cucker-Smale system. Assuming that the communication kernel satisfies the heavy tail


Mean-Field Limits: From Particle Descriptions to Macroscopic Equations
A discrete version of a modulated kinetic energy is made use of together with the bounded Lipschitz distance for measures in order to control terms in its time derivative due to the nonlocal interactions.
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