The Mayan Calendar Reform of

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The Indefinite Possessor Prefix in Woods Cree
  • R. Brightman
  • Sociology
  • International Journal of American Linguistics
  • 1985
EDMONSON, MUNRO S. 1976. The Mayan calendar reform of Current Anthropology 17:713-17. GORDON, G. B. 1913. The Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel. University of Pennsylvania MuseumExpand
A cumulative index for 1970-74 appears in CA 15 : 529-54 , and the index for 1960-69 is in CA 10 : 569-608
The index covers articles, bibliographies, book reviews, research reports, and "Discussion and Criticism" published in 1975-76. (A cumulative index for 1970-74 appears in CA 15:529-54, and the indexExpand
When time is not space: The social and linguistic construction of time intervals and temporal event relations in an Amazonian culture
A Mediated Mapping Hypothesis is proposed, which accords causal importance to the numerical and artefact-based construction of time-based (as opposed to event-based) time interval systems. Expand
The Use of Logosyllabic Principles of Writing in "The Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel"
  • V. Bricker
  • Sociology
  • International Journal of American Linguistics
  • 1985
ne+ Verb. The particle ne? can occur preceding verbs. In this position, it functions as a link between actions or as a link between propositions and their explanation. For example: toka nu:waExpand
Classic Maya Prediction of Solar Eclipses [and Comments and Reply]
Work by earlier scholars has shown that the Dresden Codex contains a table of temporal intervals appropriate to the cyclic occurrence of solar eclipses. This paper demonstrates that if the MayaExpand
Determining the Historicity of Three Astronomical Almanacs in the Madrid Codex
L'objectif de cet article est de demontrer, grâce a un exemple specifique (le Codex de Madrid), comment les techniques d'extraction et d'integration des donnees d'interet astronomique des codicesExpand
A proposed ethical warrant for global knowledge representation and organization systems
  • C. Beghtol
  • Sociology, Computer Science
  • J. Documentation
  • 2002
It is concluded that cultural hospitality is a promising concept for assessing the ethical foundations of new knowledge representation and organization systems and for planning revisions to existing systems. Expand
Classic Maya Prediction of Solar Eclipses
Le Codex de Dresde contient une table d'intervalles qui recoupe l'apparition cyclique des eclipses solaires. L'article demontre qu'en reportant les dates du calendrier Maya sur le calendrierExpand


1971:384-86) do not think it feasible to correlate
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Research in Maya hieroglyphic
  • 1958
Research in Maya hieroglyphic writ
  • " Calendrics of the Maya Lowlands , " in Handbook of Middle American Indians
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