The Mavi Marmara Incident and Blockade in Armed Conflict

  title={The Mavi Marmara Incident and Blockade in Armed Conflict},
  author={D. Guilfoyle},
  journal={British Yearbook of International Law},
  • D. Guilfoyle
  • Published 2011
  • Geography
  • British Yearbook of International Law
This article examines Israel's enforcement of a maritime blockade against the Gaza Strip implemented in the course of an 'armed conflict' with Hamas. The first question is the legal characterisation of this conflict and whether it is one to which the laws of naval warfare apply. The conclusion of this article is that, irrespective of the status of the Gaza Strip as an occupied territory, at the rele- vant time Israel was at best involved in a non-international armed conflict (NIAC) with Hamas… Expand
The Legality of Closure on Land and Safe Passage Between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank
  • M. Longobardo
  • Political Science
  • Asian Journal of International Law
  • 2020
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