The Maturation of Offshore Sourcing of Information Technology Work

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Offshore Business Processing Outsourcing by Australian Enterprises to Service Providers Located in India

Offshore Business Process Outsourcing (OBPO) refers to the disaggregation and global sourcing of both administrative and more knowledge-intensive business processes that are essential components of a

Padrões de evolução na prática de desenvolvimento distribuído de software em ambientes de internal offshoring: um modelo de capacidade

A capability model is developed that describes patterns of evolution in the practice of distributed software development activities within and among several subsidiaries owned by an organization in the internal offshoring model.

Wholly Owned Offshore Subsidiaries for IT Development: A Program of Research

The first step will be to develop a fully testable maturity model for such endeavors in the context of distributed IT projects, which will not only identify best practices along difference maturity stages but also help to benchmark across similar organizations.

What is Offshoring Management Capability and How Do Organizations Develop It? A Study of Dutch IT Service Providers

This study develops a capability perspective of offshoring. While previous research shows that experience affects future offshoring decisions, we still lack an understanding of what offshoring

Americas Conference on Information Systems ( AMCIS ) 2005 Electronic Alliances : Outsourcing for Competitive Advantage

While several studies have examined the role of strategic alliances in outsourcing, as a way to manage the client-vendor relationship, no systematic attempt has been made to integrate the knowledge

Enhancing Value in IT Services Offshoring: Real Options Matter

Abstract In a complex global business environment, more organizations are relying on offshoring to provide critical information technology services (ITS). While there can be substantial cost savings

Seeking Opaque Indifference in Offshore BPO

The concept of “opaque indifference” is introduced which is OBPO delivered in a manner where the end customer is either unaware of or indifferent to the location of the service.

Opaque indifference, trust and service provider success in offshore business process outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the delegation of one or more business processes to an external service provider (which may be an offshore captive centre or a third party). The focus of most

Is Minimizing Interaction a Solution to Cultural and Maturity Inequality in Offshore Outsourcing

Many companies consider and some undertake outsourcing of their software development activities. Often, information systems development is outsourced to vendors in different cultures or with a



Global Sourcing: A Development Approach

The 1980s witnessed rapid competitive changes globally. As U.S. firms struggled to maintain world market share, they relied increasingly on international part sourcing to sustain competitiveness. As

The Hidden Costs of IT Outsourcing

The cost of information-technology outsourcing involves more than vendor fees, but how much of that additional cost is really necessary? A survey of 50 outsourcing efforts shows that companies are

Global software teams: collaborating across borders and time zones

Become Aware of Culture's Effect on the Style and Speed of Decision Making and become Aware of culture's effect on the style and speed of decision making.

Global Information Technology Outsourcing: In Search of Business Advantage

From the Publisher: "This book has the potential to become the definitive book on the many dimensions of outsourcing as it matures into a complex, multi-faceted phenomenon. IT outsourcing is still

International investment and international trade in the product cycle

Location of new products, 191. — The maturing product, 196. — The standardized product, 202.

Global Disaggregation of Information-Intensive Services

Information-intensive services are being globally disaggregated as corporations respond to the pressures of increasing global competition, and take advantage of the opportunities made available by

Production and Transaction Economies and IS Outsourcing: A Study of the U.S. Banking Industry

The study shows that IS outsourcing in banks was strongly influenced by production cost advantages offered by vendors, and the findings suggest that managerial sourcing strategies need to weigh both costs when hiring systems integrators.

Strategic Intent for IT Outsourcing

Companies today are outsourcing the activities of their IS departments at unprecedented rates. Interviews with senior executives in fifty companies worldwide show that three kinds of strategic intent