The Mathematics of Grace Murray Hopper

  title={The Mathematics of Grace Murray Hopper},
  author={Asher Auel},
  journal={Notices of the American Mathematical Society},
  • Asher Auel
  • Published 1 March 2019
  • Mathematics
  • Notices of the American Mathematical Society
DOI: Her achievements read as a list of firsts: she was an expert at programming Harvard’s Mark I, the first large-scale electromechanical computingmachine; shewas part of the team who developed the UNIVAC I, the first commercial computer produced in the United States, for which she wrote the first compiler; she created the first English-based data processing language FLOW-MATIC, a principal precursor for COBOL, one of the most important programming languages… 


On the factorization of expressions of various types
Not a few mathematicians have dealt with the problem of setting up criteria by means of which the irreducibility of certain expressions in certain domains may be seen at a glance from the character
Why Eisenstein Proved the Eisenstein Criterion and Why Schönemann Discovered It First
  • David A. Cox
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    Am. Math. Mon.
  • 2011
The history of the Eisenstein irreducibility criterion is explored and how Theodor Schönemann discovered this criterion before Eisenstein is explained, which was inspired by Gauss's Disquisitiones Arithmeticae.
Amoebas, Monge-Ampère measures, and triangulations of the Newton polytope.
The amoeba of a holomorphic function $f$ is, by definition, the image in $\mathbf{R}^n$ of the zero locus of $f$ under the simple mapping that takes each coordinate to the logarithm of its modulus.
A theorem on the factorization of polynomials of a certain type
where the coefficients Pj(x) are power series converging in a sufficiently restricted neighborhood of the origin and vanishing with x, are of importance in the theory of implicit functions. The form
New Multiplier Sequences via Discriminant Amoebae
In their classic 1914 paper, Polya and Schur introduced and characterized two types of linear operators acting diagonally on the monomial basis of R[x], sending real-rooted polynomials (resp.
A construction for absolute values in polynomial rings
||b + c|| < max (||b||, ||c||) then the value l|b|| is called non-archimedean (Ostrowski [17], p. 272). The thus delimited non-archimedean values are of considerable arithmetic interest. They are
The paper establishes a formula for enumeration of curves of arbitrary genus in toric surfaces. It turns out that such curves can be counted by means of certain lattice paths in the Newton polygon.
Metric estimates and membership complexity for Archimedean amoebae and tropical hypersurfaces
It is shown that deciding whether a given point lies in $\mathrm{ArchTrop}(f)$ is doable in polynomial-time, for any fixed dimension, unlike the corresponding problem for $f, which is $\mathbf{NP}$-hard already in one variable.
Thue’s equation and a conjecture of Siegel
Irreduzible Formen.
§ 1. Unter Form soll hier stets eine solche rationale ganze Funktion von z verstanden werden, deren Koeffizienten rationale Zahlen sind. Eine Form heißt ganz, wenn ihre Koeffizienten ganze rationale