The Mathematical Power of Epicyclical Astronomy

  title={The Mathematical Power of Epicyclical Astronomy},
  author={Norwood Russell Hanson},
  pages={150 - 158}
T HIS PAPER has two objectives. The first is to describe more graphically than has yet been done the elegance of the ancient technique of epicycleon-deferent. The second is to expose as erroneous an implicit contention of several historians namely, that the inadequacy of Ptolemaic astronomy is somehow connected with its formally weak computational equipment.' When compared with the powerful calculational devices of our twentieth century, epicycle-on-deferent astronomy apparently comes out as a… 

The planetary increase of brightness during retrograde motion: An explanandum constructed ad explanantem.


When students face complex and abstract ideas which need a lot of imagination, they find it difficult to visualize and concretize the ideas. For visualizing and understanding these abstract ideas

Copernicus's epicycles from Newton's gravitational force law via linear perturbation theory in geometric algebra

We derive Copernicus's epicycles from Newton's gravitational force law by assuming that a planet's orbit is a perturbed circular orbit, with the perturbation defined to be co-rotating with the said

Simulation and the Problem of Simplification

Modern science is often described to rest on the three pillars of experiment, theory, and simulation. This is particularly true for scientific disciplines that focus on complex phenomena, such as

Scientific w-Explanation as Ampliative, Specialized Embedding: A Neo-Hempelian Account

The goal of this paper is to present and defend an empiricist, neo-Hempelian account of scientific explanation as ampliative, specialized embedding. The proposal aims to preserve what I take to be

Rapid Spectral Dynamics in Hippocampal Oscillons

An alternative framework for analyzing waves of local field potentials (LFPs) is outlined and a set of new structures that it uncovers are discussed: a discrete set of frequency-modulated oscillatory processes—the brain wave oscillons and their transient spectral dynamics.

Hay lo que queda: Sobre la presunta tautologicidad de la teoría de la selección natural

One of the most repeated objections to Darwin, still present in contemporary literature, outlines that theory of natural selection is tautological, analytical or at least irrefutable. There are many

The Failure of Financial Macroeconomics and What to Do About It

The bargaining power of international banks is currently still very high as compared to what it was at the time of the Bretton Woods conference. As a consequence, systemic financial crises are likely

A Complete Bibliography of Publications in Isis, 1960{1969

Aborigenes [78]. according [155]. Action [39, 72]. actuelle [87]. actuelles [107, 84]. Acvaghosa [8]. Aegypten [30]. Aether [126]. Agnes [42]. al [11]. Albert [45]. alcune [51]. Algerien [30]. alla

Discussing Ptolemy’s model and its equivalence with the Copernican model

Revisamos o modelo geocêntrico de Ptolomeu e mostramos paso a paso como determinar a longitude de um planeta usando uma abordagem matemática moderna para facilitar sua compreensão. Também discutimos


Note on Epicycles and the Ellipse from Copernicus to Lahire , " Isis ,

  • 1947