The Maternal Brain

  title={The Maternal Brain},
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The nudge effect of “foresight for the future of our children”: Pregnancy and environmental intertemporal choice

choice. Study 2 replicated the results of Study 1 regarding the links between the psychological priming of pregnancy and the discount rate in environmental intertemporal choice. The first two studies

Responsiveness to Infant Cues in Postpartum Depressed and Non-Depressed Mothers: Functional Neural Correlates and Their Relation to Behaviour

Postpartum depression (PPD) is the most common maternal birth complication, affecting approximately 5-20% of women. PPD disrupts the normal repertoire of parenting abilities and is thought to have

Maternal Behavior Their Adjustments and Implicated Factors

The maternal behavior in mammals is one of the most stable and highly conserved motivated species-specific behaviors and crucial for reproductive functions and long lasting effects in adulthood, determining cognitive and behavioral development and some specific psychiatric and psychological condition in human populations.

Structural and Functional Brain Remodeling during Pregnancy with Diffusion Tensor MRI and Resting-State Functional MRI

Findings revealed tissue structural modifications in the whole brain during pregnancy, and that the hippocampus was structurally and functionally remodeled in a more marked manner.

Nonpregnant and pregnant adult female rats affected by maternal diabetes environment

Exposure to maternal hyperglycemia compromises the glycemic metabolism of female pups before and during pregnancy and causes oxidative stress, IR, and impaired fetal growth during pregnancy.

Differences in learning and memory between middle-aged female and male rats.

Differences in cognitive functions between middle-aged female and male Wistar rats must be considered when designing and interpreting learning and memory studies.

Early Life Exposure to Tumor Necrosis Factor Induces Precocious Sensorimotor Reflexes Acquisition and Increases Locomotor Activity During Mouse Postnatal Development

The notion that cytokines, and notably TNF, modulate early neurodevelopmental trajectories is supported and is extended to adult behaviors.

Love and longevity: A Social Dependency Hypothesis

An Enactive Perspective of Understanding Leadership: A Comparative Case Study Approach

Leadership is a significant element in the present life of organization s. Recent reviews suggest building novel frameworks through which leadership, as a phen omenon, could be understood