The Massive Hosts of Radio Galaxies across Cosmic Time

  title={The Massive Hosts of Radio Galaxies across Cosmic Time},
  author={Nick Seymour and Daniel Stern and Carlos de Breuck and Joel D. R. Vernet and Alessandro Rettura and Mark Dickinson and Arjun Dey and Peter Eisenhardt and Robert A. E. Fosbury and Mark D. Lacy and Pat McCarthy and George Miley and Brigitte Rocca-Volmerange and Huub J. A. Rottgering and Spencer Adam Stanford and Harry I. Teplitz and Wil J.M. van Breugel and Andrew Zirm Ssc and Jpl and Eso and Johns Hopkins University and Noao and Ociw and Leiden and Iap and Uc Davis and Llnl and Uc Merced},
  • Nick Seymour, Daniel Stern, +25 authors Uc Merced
  • Published 2007
  • Physics
  • We present the results of a comprehensive Spitzer survey of 69 radio galaxies across 1 60% for ~75% of the high-redshift radio galaxies. As expected from unified models of AGNs, the stellar fraction of the rest-frame H-band luminosity has no correlation with redshift, radio luminosity, or rest-frame mid-IR (5 μm) luminosity. In addition, while the stellar H-band luminosity does not vary with stellar fraction, the total H-band luminosity anticorrelates with the stellar fraction as would be… CONTINUE READING

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