The Marketplace Management of Illicit Pleasure

  title={The Marketplace Management of Illicit Pleasure},
  author={Christina Goulding and Avi Shankar and Richard J. Elliott and Robin Canniford},
  journal={Journal of Consumer Research},
Through pleasure, a foundational concept in consumer behavior, we offer an analysis of the history, development, and experience of clubbing, the postcursor of rave and the contextual focus of this article. On the basis of a 5-year study primarily involving participant observation and interviewing, we present an analysis of how the clubbing experience is cocreated by promoters, DJs, and clubbers themselves. We develop and demonstrate a biosocial conceptualization of pleasure and show how the… 
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Consumption and its discontents: addiction, identity and the problems of freedom.
  • G. Reith
  • Sociology
    The British journal of sociology
  • 2004
This paper examines the discursive convergences and conflicts between practices of consumption and notions of addiction, which it notes are consistently represented in terms of the oppositional categories of self-control vs. compulsion and freedom vs. determinism.
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Acid House and Thatcherism: noise, the mob, and the English countryside.
  • A. Hill
  • Sociology
    The British journal of sociology
  • 2002
Why the late 1980s youth subculture Acid House provoked a moral panic of the scale and intensity that it did is examined through the themes of noise, the mob, and the disruption of bureaucratic authority.
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