The Market for Socially Responsible Investing: A Review of the Developments

  title={The Market for Socially Responsible Investing: A Review of the Developments},
  author={Mark Anthony Camilleri},
  journal={Finance Educator: Courses},
  • M. Camilleri
  • Published 10 March 2020
  • Business
  • Finance Educator: Courses
Purpose This study aims to explain how socially responsible investing (SRI) has evolved in the past few decades and sheds light on its latest developments. It describes different forms of SRI in the financial markets, and deliberates on the rationale for the utilization of positive and negative screenings of listed businesses and public organizations. Design/methodology/approach A comprehensive literature review suggests that the providers of financial capital are increasingly allocating… 

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Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) integration as a socially responsible investment (SRI) from a financial perspective has been discussed extensively. However, few studies discuss its impact

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Environmental portfolios via screening or optimization with respect to ecological criteria are not clear-cut concepts. Often, they urge investors to reduce the asset universe, which is accompanied by

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Socially responsible investing (SRI) has emerged in recent years as a dynamic and quickly growing segment of the U.S. financial services industry involving over $2 trillion in professionally managed

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    Corporate Communications: An International Journal
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An acknowledged need to improve corporate social responsibility (CSR) has led to a recent review of UK company law [2] and has become an important aspect of the broadening agenda for corporate

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