The Market Gate of Miletus: damages, material characteristics and the development of a compatible mortar for restoration

  title={The Market Gate of Miletus: damages, material characteristics and the development of a compatible mortar for restoration},
  author={Siegfried Siegesmund and Bernhard Middendorf},
  journal={Environmental Geology},
The indoor exhibit of the Market Gate of Miletus is unique for an archaeological monument. The reconstruction of the gate was done in such a way that most marble fragments were removed leaving cored marble columns 3–4 cm in thickness. These cored columns were mounted on a steel construction and filled with different mortars or filled with specially shaped blocks of brick combined with mortar. All the missing marble elements were replaced by copies made of a Portland cement based concrete, which… 

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Umweltbelastung, Verwitterung, Konservierung und Arbeitsmethodik Becker, K.-H., St. Bruggerhoff, M. Steiger & T. Warscheid „ Luftschadstoffe und Natursteinschaden“ W. Klemm, W. „ Das