The Maria da Penha Case and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights: Contributions to the Debate on Domestic Violence Against Women in Brazil

  title={The Maria da Penha Case and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights: Contributions to the Debate on Domestic Violence Against Women in Brazil},
  author={P. Spieler},
  journal={Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies},
  pages={121 - 143}
  • P. Spieler
  • Published 2011
  • Economics
  • Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies
This article aims to demonstrate the contributions of the Maria da Penha case and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) Report of 2001 to the debate on domestic violence against women in Brazil, with special emphasis to the adoption of the Maria da Penha Law. The IACHR was the first international human rights organ to bring to light the problem. Beside contributing to internal changes, this case has great relevance as it was the first one of domestic violence analyzed by the… Expand
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I-of its decisions
    II-the extrajudicial enforcement orders, valued at up to forty times the minimum wage, as set forth in § 1