The Marginalization and Stereotyping of Asians in American Film

  title={The Marginalization and Stereotyping of Asians in American Film},
  author={Isabel Paner},
Asians in Hollywood films and the industry have been subjected to unfair stereotyping and under-representation since the twentieth century and up to the present. This thesis analyzes and dissects this marginalization and stereotyping of Asians in American films through text and film analysis and critical theory. ​Historically, if Asians are not portrayed in a stereotypical role, then they are given no role at all, rendered invisible by Hollywood and mass audiences.​ Their marginalization in the… Expand


Stereotyping Asian Americans: The Dialectic of the Model Minority and the Yellow Peril
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Getting the message: media images and stereotypes and their effect on Asian Americans.
  • T. A. Mok
  • Medicine
  • Cultural diversity and mental health
  • 1998
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