The Marginal World of Oe Kenzaburo

  title={The Marginal World of Oe Kenzaburo},
  author={Kathryn Sparling and Michiko Niikuni Wilson},
  journal={Journal of Japanese Studies},
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The Female Characters in Oe Kenzaburo’s Early Literary Works - Focusing on our Age and Sexual Beings
Oe Kenzaburo, the i994 Nobel Prize winner, is one of the most talented authors of the contemporary literary world. However, he has been criticized for lacking an interest in portraying female
Travels of a Genre: The Modern Novel and Ideology
If the modern Western novel is linked to the rise of a literate bourgeoisie with particular social values and narrative expectations, to what extent can that history of the novel be anticipated in
Death and the Emperor: Mishima, Ōe, and the Politics of Betrayal
  • S. Napier
  • History
    The Journal of Asian Studies
  • 1989
In japan in the late 1980s, a society that is arguably one of the most modern, pragmatic, and materialist in the world, the problem of the emperor system initially seems almost irrelevant. And yet