The Mantic Mechanism at Delphi

  title={The Mantic Mechanism at Delphi},
  author={Leicester Bodine Holland},
  journal={American Journal of Archaeology},
  pages={201 - 214}
  • L. B. Holland
  • Published 1 April 1933
  • History
  • American Journal of Archaeology
UNLIKE the worship of the Great Mother at Eleusis, the oracle of Delphi did not contain, to the Greek mind, any mystery. There were no unmentionable elements, no esoteric ritual. Philosophers felt free to discuss and explain it, geographers to describe it. Anyone who had the means might consult it freely, and in person hear the ravings of the sibyl. And yet the exact arrangement of the oracular shrine, the mechanics of its operation, seem almost as vague as those of Demeter's Telesterion. The… 
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