The Mannose Receptor Mediates Dengue Virus Infection of Macrophages

  title={The Mannose Receptor Mediates Dengue Virus Infection of Macrophages},
  author={Joanna Louise Miller and Barend J. M deWet and Luisa Martinez-Pomares and Catherine M. Radcliffe and Raymond A. Dwek and Pauline M. Rudd and Siamon Gordon},
  booktitle={PLoS pathogens},
Macrophages (MØ) and mononuclear phagocytes are major targets of infection by dengue virus (DV), a mosquito-borne flavivirus that can cause haemorrhagic fever in humans. To our knowledge, we show for the first time that the MØ mannose receptor (MR) binds to all four serotypes of DV and specifically to the envelope glycoprotein. Glycan analysis, ELISA, and blot overlay assays demonstrate that MR binds via its carbohydrate recognition domains to mosquito and human cell-produced DV antigen. This… CONTINUE READING
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