The Mann-Whitney U: A Test for Assessing Whether Two Independent Samples Come from the Same Distribution

  title={The Mann-Whitney U: A Test for Assessing Whether Two Independent Samples Come from the Same Distribution},
  author={Nadim Nachar},
Nadim Nachar Université de Montréal It is often difficult, particularly when conducting research in psychology, to have access to large normally distributed samples. Fortunately, there are statistical tests to compare two independent groups that do not require large normally distributed samples. The Mann‐Whitney U is one of these tests. In the following work, a summary of this test is presented. The explanation of the logic underlying this test and its application are presented. Moreover, the… 
Mann-Whitney U ile Student’s t testinin I.Tip Hata ve Güç bakımından Karşılaştırılması: Monte Carlo Simülasyon Çalışması (011302) (5-11)
The nonparametric Mann-Whitney U test is an alternative to parametric Student’s t-test, when the assumptions of t-test cannot be respected. However as one understood, it is more reliable to use the
Why Psychologists Should by Default Use Welch's t-test Instead of Student's t-test with Unequal Group Sizes
When comparing two independent groups, psychology researchers commonly use Student’s t -tests. Assumptions of normality and homogeneity of variance underlie this test. More often than not, when these
Moving Beyond Processing and Analysis-Related Variation in Neuroscience
A critical evaluation of the impact of differences observed in results across five independently developed functional MRI minimal preprocessing pipelines is provided, showing that even when handling the same exact data, inter-pipeline agreement was only moderate and the importance of comparison among analytic tools and parameters was highlighted.
The efficacy of Ritalin in ADHD children under neurofeedback training
Neurofeedback is efficient in improving some of the behavioral concomitants of ADHD in children whose parents favored non-pharmacological treatment, but Ritalin and neurofeedback combination is more efficient, so, multimodal approach is strongly recommended for ADHD treatment.
Investigating Cash Bail Patterns in Pennsylvania
A pipeline for identifying racial bias is developed and conclusively establish that bail assignment patterns do vary across judges, particularly between the defendants identified as Black and White in the court records.
Investigating student and staff perceptions of students' experiences in teaching laboratories through the lens of meaningful learning
How students behave and learn in the teaching laboratory is a topic of great interest in chemical education, partly in order to justify the great expense of teaching laboratories. Much effort has
Does Repetition of the Same Test Questions in Consecutive Years Affect their Psychometric Indicators? – Five-year Analysis of In-house Exams at Medical University of Warsaw
The observed change in the initial values of psychometric indicators together with consecutive use of the same MCQs confirms the examiners’ concerns as for the progressive wear of the bank of test questions.
Essays on Genetics and the Social Sciences
The research described here identifies specific genetic variants robustly associated with a suite of complex outcomes and shows how these findings can be used, in conjunction with quasi-experimental research designs from economics, to conduct rigorous and well-powered investigations of the interactions between genes and environment.
Lifestyle Inclinations in Undergraduate Students’ Choice of Psychology Degree
Abstract Traditionally, both men and women were known to choose careers that suit their family traditional obligations. Therefore, choosing a career is a crucial decision that needs to be made from
The Marriage of Mathematics and Programming
In a world where computing skills are a must have, programming is still a hard one to acquire and its courses have high failure rates. Numerous studies propose ways to help the early identification


Comparisons of the Mann-Whitney, Student’s t, and Alternate t Tests for Means of Normal Distributions
AbstractThis paper presents the results of a simulation study to compare the performance of the Mann-Whitney U test, Studentߣs t test, and the alternate (separate variance) t test for two mutually
Comparative Power of Student T Test and Mann-Whitney U Test for Unequal Sample Sizes and Variances
AbstractA computer program generated power functions of the Student t test and Mann-Whitney U test under violation of the parametric assumption of homogeneity of variance for equal and unequal sample
Mann–Whitney U test when variances are unequal
The type 1 error rate of the Mann–Whitney U test inflates under unequal variance (heteroscedasticity) and some solutions are suggested.
Power Functions of the t Test and Mann-Whitney U Test Under Violation of Parametric Assumptions
A Monte Carlo method was used to find power functions of the t test and the Mann-Whitney U test under violation of assumptions of normality and homogeneity of variance. These functions showed that
Do Studies of Statistical Power Have an Effect on the Power of Studies?
The long-term impact of studies of statistical power is investigated using J. Cohen's (1962) pioneering work as an example. We argue that the impact is nil; the power of studies in the same journal
Individual Comparisons by Ranking Methods
The comparison of two treatments generally falls into one of the following two categories: (a) we may have a number of replications for each of the two treatments, which are unpaired, or (b) we may
Nonparametric Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences.
This is the revision of the classic text in the field, adding two new chapters and thoroughly updating all others. The original structure is retained, and the book continues to serve as a combined
Coping strategies in psychiatric clinical research.
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    Journal of consulting and clinical psychology
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