The Man Who Didn't Exist: The Case of Louis Althusser

  title={The Man Who Didn't Exist: The Case of Louis Althusser},
  author={Lewis A. Kirshner},
  journal={American Imago},
  pages={211 - 239}
  • L. Kirshner
  • Published 5 August 2003
  • Psychology
  • American Imago

The therapeutic role of the mental health nurse: implications for the practice of psychological therapies

This research project identifies therapeutic roles that nurses and consumers believe are most helpful in the nursing care of people with serious and ongoing mental illness, including identifying the

‘My Own Thoughts in My Own Body’: Corporeality, Responsibility, and Truth in Louis Althusser's Life Writing

In the opening chapter of Ethics: An Essay on the Understanding of Evil, the philosopher Alain Badiou includes Louis Althusser, his former teacher at the École Normale Supérieure, as one of a trio of

Revealing/Re-veiling the Past: John Banville's Shroud

He himself, he is dead, and yet, through the spectres of memory and of the text, he lives among us and, as one says in French, il nous regarde he looks at us, but also he is our concern, we have

United States & comparative communist history: Bibliography 2003

The subject of this annual bibliography is ‘United States and Comparative Communist History’. The level of coverage for the United States is extensive. Coverage of comparative communism (i.e.

Annual Bibliography of Works about Life Writing, 2002-2003

The fragility of the notion of identity can be seen in the fact that it is never simply enough to be what one is, rather one must become what one is in order to give shape to that identity, or make



Introduction to Althusser

  • 1993

Sur la philosophie

The Future Lasts Forever

A long time after the drama occurred, I learned that two of my close friends (doubtless not the only ones) had not wanted me to be declared unfit to plead, a decision based on the medico-legal

How People Change

Writings on Psychoanalysis: Freud and Lacan

A prominent member of the French structuralist movement, Louis Althusser was influential for reinvigorating Marxist thought in France in the 196Os with celebrated works such as For Marx and Reading