The Malayan Emergency

  title={The Malayan Emergency},
  author={K. Hack},
  journal={Twentieth Century British History},
  • K. Hack
  • Published 1993
  • Sociology
  • Twentieth Century British History
About the book: Chin Peng is the longest-serving Secretary-General of a Communist Party, having served continuously from 1947 to present. He led his party into the Malayan Emergency, and latterly to a new peace agreement in 1989. This book is unique in giving the reader a look at how the historical record about this figure has been constructed. It gives the original papers presented to Chin Peng to stimulate his reponses at oral history sessions, and an annotated version of the resulting… Expand
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Darurat atau “Perang Kolonial” 1948 di Tanah Melayu: Satu Perbahasan Berdasarkan Beberapa Aliran Pemikiran dan Perspektif (Emergency or “Colonial War” 1948 in Malaya: A Debate Based on Several Schools of Thought and Perspectives)
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Malayan Chinese women in a time of war: Gender, narration, and subversion in Han Suyin’s And the Rain My Drink
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