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The Malay contact varieties of eastern Indonesia: A typological comparison

  title={The Malay contact varieties of eastern Indonesia: A typological comparison},
  author={Scott Paauw},
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The middle classes of Indonesia’s provincial towns are not particularly rich yet nationally influential. This book examines them ethnographically. Rather than a market-friendly, liberal middle class,
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It is argued that SLM changes towards Sinhala at both periods can be seen as a kind of metatypy comparable to other language contact settings in Eurasia and Papua.
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Indonesia has many Malay speakers and it spreads to Papua with the influence of Ambon and Indonesian becomes one of the variations in the Papuan Malay dialect. Papuan itself is the home of 275
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This research is a cross-sectional sample survey with a qualitative approach of Malay Jambi’s phonology in Sarolangun Regency. The data was collected in the field using observation and interview


Richtungsbegriffe im malaiischen Dialekt von Larantuka (Ostindonesien)
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general text). Here the types of decorated cloth are elegantly described, sub-regional styles are identified, and significant technical or additional interesting information on usage is provided. The
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    Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies
  • 1976
While working in the Algemeen Rijksarchief, The Hague, in 1973, this writer had his attention drawn by Dr. G. V. Smith to an envelope in Koloniaal Archief 982 (Overgekomen Brieven en Papieren 1620)
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    Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies
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