The Making of the Feature Film Suffragette

  title={The Making of the Feature Film Suffragette},
  author={Sarah Gavron},
  journal={Women's History Review},
  pages={985 - 995}
  • Sarah Gavron
  • Published 13 October 2015
  • History
  • Women's History Review
In this article the author, the director of the feature film Suffragette, released in the autumn of 2015, reflects on the making of the film and the years of preparation. Suffragette, which is not a documentary but historical fiction, tells the story through the eyes of an ‘ordinary’ working-class woman Maud Watts, a laundry worker in the East End of London. Maud is played by Carey Mulligan and around her are a network of female characters, including Violet Miller (a fellow laundry worker… 
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