The Magnetic Field of Massive Rotating Bodies

  title={The Magnetic Field of Massive Rotating Bodies},
  author={P. M. S. Blackett},
  • P. Blackett
  • Published 17 May 1947
  • Materials Science, Business
  • Nature
Maximum magnetic moment to angular momentum conjecture
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Magnetism and the Rotation of Celestial Bodies
Blackett's formula, which seeks to connect the angular momentum of such a body with its magnetic moment, is based on the idea of a radial separation of electric charge associated with degenerate matter in the interior of rotating celestial bodies.
The Fundamental Relation between the Magnetic Moment and the Structure of Rotating Celestial Bodies
BLACKETT'S suggestive formula1 connecting the magnetic moment of a rotating celestial body P with its angular momentum U, where G represents the constant of gravitation, c the velocity of light and β
On magnetic field of rotating bodies
  • M. Davidovich
  • Physics
    2017 Radiation and Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves (RSEMW)
  • 2017
In this report we consider the origin of the magnetic moment and the magnetic field of rotating bodies which are arising from charges separation and associated with the Lorentz force. Mechanisms of
On steady plane rotating hydromagnetic flows
We consider the steady plane rotating, constantly inclined magnetohydrodynamic flows of a viscous incompressible fluid when the velocity magnitude is constant on each individual stream line.
Magnetic fields in White Dwarfs and their direct progenitors
Abstract The paper provides an overview on the results of the analyses of spectro-polarimetric observations of white dwarfs, subdwarfs, and central stars of planetary nebulae. It will also discuss
Planetary magnetospheres: a comparative view.
There are eight large bodies in the solar system about which definite statements regarding the existence or nonexistence of a magnetic field of internal origin can now be made. Of these bodies (Sun,
Magnetic fields in the early universe
SummaryWe consider some mechanisms which can be responsible for the formation of a magnetic field in the early universe. It happens that introducing the spin-torsion coupling interaction a magnetic
Magnetism of Celestial Bodies and Gravitation
BLACKETT'S formula1 involving a relation between mechanical and electromagnetic quantities seems to indicate a new kind of connexion between gravitation and electromagnetism. This appears more
Theoretical interpretation of cosmic magnetic fields
The paper discusses the possibilty of interpreting the magnetic fields of astronomical bodies in the framework of a unified field theory.Using one of the solutions of the generalized field theory, a


An Experiment on the Origin of the Earth's Magnetic Field
Of the many suggestions which have been made as to the origin of the earth’s magnetic field, perhaps the most promising is that it may be due to a slight modification of the laws of electrodynamics
Origin of the Earth's Magnetic Field
THERE is considerable physical evidence that the earth possesses a metallic core1. Jeffreys2 has estimated the viscosity of the core and finds it as low as 1010 C.G.S. units. If this value is
A possible cause of the earth's magnetism and a theory of its variations
A possible cause of the Earth's magnetism is the rotation of an electrostatic field within the Earth, as Rowland's experiments have proved (Phil. Mag. [5] xxvii) that a moving charge of electricity
A Statistical Analysis of the Earth's Internal Magnetic Field
The earth's internal magnetic field consists of the field of a large dipole and an irregular part which is of the order of a few percent of the main dipole field. The field may be represented by a
The Internal Constitution of the Stars
This address is devoted to what may be described as analytical boring devices, for, contrary to many anticipations, even the discovery of the fourth dimension has not enabled us to get at the inside of a body.
Thermodynamics of the stars
The word “thermodynamics” is used in two different senses. It is sometimes used to denote the science of the transfer of heat from one system to another or between different parts of the same system
Kann bei sehr hohen Drucken in einer Masse durch einen Druckgradienten eine Ladungstrennung hervorgerufen werden?
Zusammenfassung1. Die elektrostatischen Kräfte zwischen Elektronen und Ionen in der Nahezone.— 2. Die Ursache der Ladungstrennung im Erdinnern. — 3. Die quantitativen Zusammenhänge zwischen Erd- und