The Machine for Access

  title={The Machine for Access},
  author={D. Levinson and K. Krizek and D. Gillen},
As a house is a machine for living, cities are the machine for accessibility. This chapter introduces the book "Access to Destinations" and outlines the editors reasons for presenting a series of papers centered around the concept of access. It is observed that, if the city is the machine for access, then policies need to be evaluated against that metric--policies that are based on empirically grounded research. These papers will not only serve to broaden the understanding of the meaning of… Expand
The insider: A planners' perspective on accessibility
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Access to Destinations: Development of Accessibility Measures
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How to Get There? A Critical Assessment of Accessibility Objectives and Indicators in Metropolitan Transportation Plans
Accessibility, the ease of reaching destinations, is increasingly seen as a complimentary and in some cases alternative to the mobility oriented planning paradigm, as it allows capturing the complexExpand
A Brief Review on the Role of Regional Transport Accessibility in the Development Process of Distant Sub-Regions
Regional transport accessibility is essential for the socioeconomic development of deprived sub-regions of developing countries, which intended to provide basic access to rural inhabitants. TheExpand
Re-enacting the mobility versus accessibility debate: Moving towards collaborative synergies among experts
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Planning for Place and Plexus: Metropolitan Land Use and Transport
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A literature review on accessibility using bibliometric analysis techniques
The output results show that there is an increasing geographic spread along with the growth spurt of research publications on the topic of accessibility especially since 2010s, and the need for further studies for those two hot points respectively. Expand
The Use of Potential Models in Research on Transport Accessibility of Knowledge and Innovation Centers on the Example of Poland
In a knowledge-based economy, innovativeness is considered to be the main factor of regional development. Economic development on a regional and national scale is initiated in the urbanExpand
Doors opening: an analysis of equity and accessibility on public transportation services in the United States.
OF DISSERTATION Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology in the College of Social Sciences and Humanities of Northeastern UniversityExpand