The MUC2 gene product: a human intestinal mucin.

  title={The MUC2 gene product: a human intestinal mucin.},
  author={Adrian Allen and David A. Hutton and Jeffrey P. Pearson},
  journal={The international journal of biochemistry & cell biology},
  volume={30 7},
The MUC2 gene product is the first human secretory mucin protein core to be fully sequenced. Like the other eight human MUC genes identified to date, MUC2 is characterised by tandem and irregular repeat sequences rich in threonine and serine, the potential sites of attachment of the oligosaccharide chains. The MUC2 gene product is more than 5100 amino acids in its commonest allelic form and accounts for one fifth by weight of the mucin glycoprotein molecule (80% oligosaccharide side chains… CONTINUE READING


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