The MATRICs RF-FPGA in 180nm SiGe-on-SOI BiCMOS

  title={The MATRICs RF-FPGA in 180nm SiGe-on-SOI BiCMOS},
  author={Lawrence J. Kushner and Kevin Sliech and Gregory M. Flewelling and Joseph D. Cali and Curtis M. Grens and Steven E. Turner and Douglas S. Jansen and Joseph L. Wood and Gary M. Madison},
  journal={2015 IEEE Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Symposium (RFIC)},
MATRICs (Microwave Array Technology for Reconfigurable Integrated Circuits) is a DC-to-20 GHz general purpose reconfigurable array of RF circuits embedded in a flexible switch fabric. Fabricated in a commercial SiGe-on-SOI BiCMOS process, the MATRICs IC employs SiGe HBTs for high-linearity (> + 10 dBm IIP3) amplification and low phase-noise frequency generation, and SOI FETs for low-loss switching. It achieves high on-chip RF isolation (>80 dB at 16 GHz) due to the high-resistivity SOI… CONTINUE READING
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